Take big bites out of ice (BAL)

Sooooo, this morning’s conditions were not exactly the greatest if your goal was to run more hills than you ever have previously (unless you’re Ben, of course). But you know what’s cool?

You knew that was going to be the case. And you still showed up.

Zero fun sir.
Zero fun sir.

Each one of us was fully aware of the fact that eating #hillsforbreakfast today was going to be tough; I mean come on, Baltimore doesn’t even know how to clear its streets, let alone sidewalks and/or pathways through Patterson Park. Yet when you went to bed last night, you made sure to set that alarm for 5:30, 5:45, 6:00, whatever it took for you to get to Patterson Park for 6:30AM. And that’s really frickin’ awesome.

Because (and I know my 4th grade teacher would be horrified that I started a sentence with “because”), at the end of the day, what makes November Project special is the community. We can all use this city as our playground on our own, if we wanted to. We’re all fully capable of going out on a run by ourselves and getting a solid workout in (except Nick – don’t let that kid out of his house by himself). Yet we all choose to trek to Rash Field on Wednesdays and Patterson Park on Fridays – no matter the weather – because we know that the other people who show up will make us better runners, better squat jumpers, better huggers, and better PEOPLE.


So, the athlete in me apologizes that you may not have got the workout this morning that you had anticipated. But the rest of me thanks you for just showing up and giving me an incredible start to my Friday.

And thank you for putting up with my abysmal bounce performance this morning.

Keep taking big bites out of ice (and life).


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