If you didn’t read that title in your best school-girlish voice, go back and repeat.

Today was cold, probably, definitely not the coldest, but it was cold. Cold enough to need to be #weatherproof? FOR SURE. Despite the mittens and the mittens on mittens (no one brought kittens?) hands were still too cold to turn over cards. So people turned cards over for other people.  That was really nice. The Capitol Police watched. That was also nice. It will be REALLY nice if we can convince them to race with us?

We burpee’d, we hoisty’d, we ran in loops and then we pulled aces. When we pulled aces we sprinted. We sprinted the first half of the hill. When we come back on the last Monday of the month, we’ll find out what it’s like to sprint the second half of the hill. LOOKING FORWARD TO IT, CAP HILL. Let’s kick it. 

Thank YOU, Hirsh for the post workout Hamantaschen. If the bounce is peanut butter and jelly themed on Monday, blame Hirsh.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The LAST MONDAY in every month we will be running Capitol Hill at Capitol Hill. We’ll keep repeating this so no one shows up at Meridian Hill. We’ll be at CAPITOL HILL. Cap Hill, pictured below.

np cap hill

Also, MONDAY, expect an announcement about the next NP EVENT. Coming soon. Really soon. (You’ll have time to plan accordingly,) but SOON.

I’ll work on speaking from the diaphragm. Thanks for all the tips on that.




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