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From behind the lens of a camera I see the mornings of November Project a little differently than I ever did before.  I supposed it’s part of the art and craft of photography, but I have begun to see light in a new way.  This morning the sun was brilliant.  It rises (in the east, duh) almost perfect in line with the front side of Summit Ave. so as I walked down the hill toward the hard working and awesome Boston tribers who were running up the hill, I caught some pretty sweet shots.  I then made my way down to the corner where everyone was turning left from Short Street onto Summit.  Short Street was part of the Extended Adventure Loop that we ran this morning, making our downhill trek a little longer (reaching all the way to Beacon St.). The EAL meant we were able to start a little farther down on the hill get that much more free fitness while staying as safe as possible on the narrow streets.

At that corner, runners burst out from the steep, dirty, shaded, short Short St. and emerge onto Summit Ave like performers entering a stage with a spotlight highlighting their presence.

As you ran, it might have just felt like that moment when you #TurnAndGo to get up that fucking hill.  As I witnessed you running, it was glorious.  There was so much metaphor there: “turning the corner” on challenge, running from darkness into light.  And I watched your faces.  So often the sun causes us to shade our eyes, turn away, or protect ourselves from the intensity of it.  What I saw today was a hunger for the light, a reaction ranging between relief and utter joy as you felt the light and the warmth touch your faces.  I saw some raise their arms in celebration, and others’ smiles shone, radiating the sunny brilliance. I saw gratitude for the short hill and determination for the Summit hill. I saw moments of LIFE and woah, was I moved by them.  I couldn’t take a single picture in those moments that captured what was truly happening, so I’m happy to be able to describe it here.

I hope every single one of you knows, whether today you ran the Extended Adventure Loop or you were home in your bed, that when you #JustShowUp, you become part of something brilliant, bright, and inspiring like the sun on that corner this morning.  You might be the dude raising his arms up in thanks just because you have your shit together enough that you can be there to run with the tribe. You might be training for life and marathons and badass races and the hugs and community get you from one maddening winter workout to another.  It doesn’t matter why you come, because when you show up, you “turn the corner,” your face gets filled with light, and you know you’re different for it.

And maybe, just maybe, you start to see the angles differently–you start to see the light in things that you didn’t before.  Maybe you feel the way this free fitness community, with its fierceness and fun, is and extended adventure and its changing the world and everyone in it.  #WorldTakeover

Enjoy the warmth that is coming my friends…it’s coming! #WeekendEarned

You want November Project on Monday???

Be there Monday in Brookline for Destination Deck.  I know you want to be there.  It will be awesome. It could be EPIC. Bring your own epic-ness and see what happens.  We WILL be enjoying the snow and our #FreeWeights so you know what to do: bring a big durable bag (example: cloth lined with plastic) for medicine balls made of snow. There will be surprises. #Verbal #JustShowUp #BringYourMom

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