One Year. One Love. (NYC)

Today is our first birthday.  March 5th, 2014 we were anointed–NP_NYC! The last 12 months have been EPIC. We started with this:

What’s a straight-face?


We didn’t know anyone’s face or name (still might not know all the names):

Who are all these strangers? I don’t want to hug or be hugged!


Grew this community:

I want to hug and be hugged. I love all of these people!


Paul and I want to Thank You For Being Here! Let’s own the next 12 months. THIS SHIT IS GOOD!














Shortest Commute – Dan Schiemel and Staci Wasco

Most likely to be sweating through all his clothes – Pete Kruse

Most likely to not show up – Patrick Burke (honorable mention to Jason Schwab or Tuhina or The Mayor)

Longest Commute: Sara Beaney, Strong Island Kathy,  Pete & Meg Navatto,

Longest Commute on the shortest amount of sleep: Terri Kohler

Anti-Positivity Award: Myles Fennon

Best attendance – Emily Faherty
Most likely to show up to a workout hungover – Emily Daniels (runner up: Jason Kulig)
Most consistent newcomer whose name I don’t know: Hey You
Hey You Best keychain maker – George Cheung
Best Babysitter: Chris Mosier
Best Smile: Brian Hsia
Youngest Person(s): The Kids
Most likely to be wearing shorts – Ali Feller, Pete Fetzer, John Massey
Most likely to never stop running, like ever – Mary Arnold
Most likely to #justshowup to everything – Dan Levine
Most likely to burpee – Leanne Weiner
Most likely to #wakeupthesun with their voice – John Massey
Original Gangster – Pete Navatto
Most likely to #raceeverything – Laura Ann Walsh, Alex Tully, Myles Fennon, Rob McCombs
Most likely to capture the tribe from their best angle: Sebastian Gollings, Ben Gross & Sara Beaney
Best Film Makers: Ben Gross, Matt Powers
Longest NP streak – Alison L’Heureux and Sara Beaney
Most likely to do a double workout – Jacqui Madrigal
Mistaken identity – Melissa Nathanson & Rebecca Berg
Best Dresser or Most Style: Matt “POW” Powers, Liysa Faye
Best Recruiter: Nina Morato
Most Likely To Succeed: Amrita Ramamurthy
MVP Behind The Scenes: Kate Shea
Most likely to #JustShowUp, but never workout with us: The Chihuahua Stroller Lady



Times Square @ 6:28am. It might be snowy, but we’re #weatherproof!

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