Tag – We’re It! (PHL)

There was a air of mystery surrounding this morning’s workout. Social media alerted those well seasoned and new alike, that this would be a workout not to be missed. Did you show up or did you stay in bed? If you made it out, which plenty of y’all did,  you certainly got your fill of playful good times and some sweaty hijinks.

Today we played tag. Leadership had tagging power, but it didn’t come without a price. While the tribe as a whole ran loops around the steps, Dan, myself and our special guest (one half of November Project’s founding fathers) Bojan, could tag anyone which awarded them a sprinted lap – and each of us, five burpees. We ran and tagged and burpeed for 35 minutes before a lovely musical number we (and Sting) like to call Roxanne. When you hear “Roxanne” drop and burpee, when you hear “red dress” or “red light” that’s one squat. It’s fun. It’s a workout. It can be hard to keep up with, but stay with us folks.

Today we were playful but we still got in a tough workout. The sun was nearly shining when the workout began, and dare I say, that is a sure sign of spring. Take those smiles that were on your faces this morning and let them carry you throughout your day. Share them with friends and strangers. You all killed it today! xoxo


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