1550 Steps

1550 steps is the number of steps you take if you complete the full Frogman 1. That’s 50 sections.  31 steps in each section. That was the designated workout this morning. Considering there were two sections where you couldn’t run the bottom 4 stairs, let’s call it 1542 today for the workout.  The tracker (thankfully) doesn’t ask you for steps today because I’m pretty sure you didn’t count, but you can record sections and time.

Frogman 1 on any ordinary day has the potential to seriously kick your ass, no matter who you are.  A couple beastly dudes seem to eat frogman legs/stairs for breakfast, but for us regular folks, the workout is no joke.

gladiator dude

Add to that we’ve been running short sections for the last few weeks and it puts into perspective that today was a challenge.  A step up in our game.  And when that happens it’s easy to focus on how hard it is.  How winded you feel getting to the top of each section which seems impossibly longer than it did last week.  How big the whole stadium feels compared to our cute little Wonderland 5 sections from the winter.  How heavy your legs feel.  It’s much harder to keep our attention on the opportunities before us.  Yes, the stadium feels huge and there are so many sections but holy shit…we have ALL those sections to run on.  I feel a sense of freedom in that.  Yes, we’re tired and it’s hard to start each section with fierceness and speed but holy shit…there is no ice at the bottom of the steps to make us fear falling.  We can #TurnAndGo with ease.  Yes, your lungs are on fire and you’re not sure you can breathe, nevermind speak at any point, but holy shit…you can utter someone’s name, say “get after it,” or “good job,” give a high five and connect with the community of badass human beings around you who are making good shit happen.  We do this together because we’re stronger together and the tribe is very very strong.

And yes, I really did tell you to bear crawl all the odd numbered sections and that seems insane, but holy shit…it was an April Fool’s joke, AND some of you did it anyway just because you can!

bear crawls

And yes, there are so many steps ahead of you (always), but holy shit…really there’s only one.  One step is all there is immediately in front of us.  We can’t run the whole section, it’s simply one step at a time.  We can’t run the whole stadium, it’s one step at a time.  We have no guarantees about the section ahead of us, or beyond that, or even tomorrow.  We just focus on what is in front of us and dial into the opportunities to move, run, push ourselves, and keep taking that one step.  And keep taking the step.  Trust your body, trust this tribe, keep taking steps and then they add up.  You accomplish more than you could ever imagine this way.  Today I asked the group to raise their hands if they did something they hadn’t expected to do.  Amazeballs, I think everyone raised their hands.  This together thing, this #WorldwideCommunity #NewsCh19 thing, this #FreeFitness thing, it is good. It’s changing us.

Only place to be Friday 6:30am is Summit Ave.  Be there. Don’t stay home. Get your free fitness.  Don’t miss the moment. #JustShowUp. Let the Verbals fly!

_MG_0845-2Big holla to Diana Hunt for being the NP photographer today.  We love you girl.  Happy 2nd NP Birthday.

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