Sebastian The Easter Bunny

Sebastian the Easter Bunny took charge this morning at the workout and all I can say is, Sebastian is a dick.

He kicked our asses, had us running all over the Forks grounds following clues and was relentless in his assault on our bodies. One tribe leader named Dom (names have been changed to protect his identity/pride) was seen curled over saying “I think I am going to puke, fuck Sebastian”.
 Group Plank Scotia - HRM
While that first part definitely all happened, the real truth is that this morning was amazing! The sky was a beautiful pink and purple, the weather was warm, and tribe members showed up in shorts and T-shirts for the first time since October! Was the workout hard? Fuck yeah it was hard; but we all made it, we rallied, we pushed each other and we were rewarded with Mini-Eggs at the end (thanks Sebastian!). The tribe was big this morning, 3 newbies and more than 10 old faces who crept out of hibernation and returned to us. Each week we tag more shirts, the community gets stronger, the hugs get a little tighter and we roll onwards!
 Sarah L PA
The positivity award was handed to one of our fiercest females today. Sarah has been with us since October, she braved every single winter workout (except for one while she was away representing her business faculty on the national scene!!) and she absolutely flies out there, every single week. Never one to take the modified exercise: she jumps the highest ledges, sprints at the front of the pack and proves to us that fierce comes in many packages. Sarah, we will miss you when you move to Calgary! Our loss is most certainly their gain! Great job today and everyday.
Get on the tracker, drop your verbals for next week and lastly register now or show up for race day registration on Saturday morning at Assiniboine Park. We will be tagging gear at the MEC 5K and 10K race and we will be dominating the event. Set a goal, challenge yourself, step outside your comfort zone and join us at the start line. 9 AM saturday morning
The tribe is strong!
Much love
Tom and Rick
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