Climb Your Mountain (DEN)

Welcome to your motivational speech:

You did it #Denver, you did it #NewsCh19 (for the uninitiated there are 19 November Project tribes infiltrating the free world with more free stuffs). By my estimates 51,000* of you climbed today’s mountain, you didn’t back down from the challenge, you fed off the excitement and camaraderie of your fellow November Projectors, and you climbed that mountain this morning like your maiden name was Sherpa. And your reward at the top of that mountain was a beautiful rainbow full of unicorns and hippies.

To paint the colorful picture of the awesomeness of today’s workout, my checklist: Heart Beating Warmup: Check, Upward Projecting Vibe: Check, Jammy Jam Playlist: Check, Sunrise Photos: Check, Arm & Thigh Busting Workout: Check, Traverballers: Check, Hard Working Newbies: Check, Sweaty Hugs: Check, Pure Joy #Tivy (Positivity Award) Handoff: Check. I hope as you read through that you heart beat got progressively faster with excitement as you yearn for another rung on the mountain

And then the workout concluded with a Rainbow. End Scene.

Happy Birthday Moms,

Lt Turboletti

*Estimates based upon cumulative Facebook “likes” of all 19 Tribes.

FRI 530/615A Get worked on the hill at Governor’s Park

May 25th: Race your #NP5280 framily: BolderBoulder 10K

Photo Taking Selfie ?? Weird things happen at 530A.
Photo Taking Selfie ?? Weird things happen at 530A.
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