Sweat Fest 2018

Picture this:

105 November Project tribe leaders living on the backside of a mountain for 3.5 days for the “Meeting of the Minds.”  Some of the best and brightest human beings from AROUND THE GLOBE all came together to discuss the future of this tremendous cult global fitness movement we in Providence get to be a part of.

And the future, IT. IS. BRIGHT! The charisma, the enthusiasm, the knowledge, caring and compassion of these humans by themselves would be enough to restore someone’s faith in humanity.  As a collective, these amazing people are helping to steer November Project forward and literally change the world.

I cannot wait for NP Summit in Milwaukee in September, so I can see these tribe leaders, meet their tribes, and fall even further in love with this and frankly, you should be pretty stoked about it too.  More on that later.

Can I kick it?

TODAY!  Today was humid.  Holly described it as “someone stole the air” and I think she was pretty much spot on.  So today was dubbed “Sweat Fest 2018.”  We worked hard today.  Stairs were run. Abs were built.  We got sweaty AF.  And it was pretty damn awesome.

NP Providence is going more and more global, too – each week we get people who #traverbal from all across the planet – this week, we got to welcome James from NP NOLA, and Lindsey from NP London, so our anchor tag is making its way through the November Project universe.  Which is pretty rad, frankly.

Bringing the fight back to Old England

And as our friends at November Project Newport are currently throwing down against November Project London,  we’re helping in the fight for New England vs Old England now that our anchor is going across the Pond.

The Global November Project community gathers once a year to work out together, to hang out together, and to race together.  This year, November Project Summit 6.0 is being held in Milwaukee, WI, from September 14 – September 16.  It coincides with the North Face Endurance Challenge WI, which is a whole slew of different race distances over the course of the weekend, from a 50 Mile Race, to a Team Marathon Relay, to a 5k.  And they’re SUPER FUN.

Summit starts out with a Friday Morning Pop-up Workout of all the people from around the world who show up.  As an example, this is from Boston in 2017.

So as you can tell – it’s pretty amazing.  The race(s), the workouts, the friends and relationships – it all helps to unite us as one group of global citizens uniting in the idea of free fitness.  You should come.  You’ll love it.  Questions? Ask away.  I love to talk about this stuff.


7/19 – FREE Yoga in the Park – 6pm, India Point Park, with Providence Power Yoga.  Revival Brewing will be onsite after for some sunset pints, if you’re into that sort of thing.

7/25 – PR DAY!!! God I love PR Day.  40 sets of stairs.  40 Min Cap.  Race your face off.  Fuck yeah.

8/5 – Run 4 Kerri – 4 mile road race in Matunuck, use code NovemberPVD2018 and save $5.

We make running stairs look good
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