Who Believes in World Takeover? Your M.O.M.

All November Project Co-Leaders and members, from every tribe, are invited to gather this September in Wisconsin at the 6th Annual November Project Summit, rallying around the Endurance Challenge Wisconsin via Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Much like the past few years that we pulled this weekend off, it will be fun to see tribes from all over the world training, racing, connecting, partying, and seeing a new place, side by side, as one big, happy family. But that is way off in September.
Our #NPSUMMIT isn’t next week. Next week is something we’ve never done before and is something that we wanted to share with you, but unfortunately is only for Co-Leaders. Are we trying to make you jealous? No, but for the strength of the entire movement, this might be our most important outing yet, and thought you would also think it is badass. This “Meeting Of the Minds” is our dream leadership gathering in the middle of nowhere and is 100% supported by our partners at The North Face. Next week has been built as a way to connect our Co-Leaders to one another and the best way to make November Project, as a global movement, as connected as possible. The “Meeting Of the Minds,” or “M.O.M.” will gather leaders (via air travel from far off places like Malaysia, London, and Worcester) in the same camping space located in Somewhere, California, where workshops about all things leadership will take place.
M.O.M. will have the NP Co-Leaders truly experience the outdoors & one another through camping, climbing, mountain biking, cooking out, and sharing stories each evening around the campfire. For those of you new to November Project, The North Face has supported November Project since 2014, and nobody does outdoor/run/train better than our combined powers. Next week will be further proof.
So, yes, we are pumped, and yes, you’ll see images on personal handles & tribe’s handles from this magical place next week, as we celebrate our M.O.M. You’ll catch social media glimpses of this circus reunion and laugh. Yes, we are still looking at September as the full reunion vibe of all tribes, leaders & members. And we know that because of the relationships built and experiences, uh, experienced next week that ECSWI will be an even better weekend with stronger leadership going forward.
See you on the social media waves and at the next sunrise bounce near you. 
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