The Tribes are Strong (LAX)

As many of you know, this past weekend brought together over 100+ co-leaders from around the world.   It was called Meeting of the Minds or M.O.M. and none of us can stop talking or posting or writing about it (though let’s be honest, I really only post about November Project anyways…).  You put 100+ passionate people together – co-leaders who are new (I’m talking one week one into leading), folks who have been around a bit, and others who helped started this movement and have been around since the start.  The hype, the confidence, the learning, and the amount of knowledge.  Put all of that together in one campground and wow, the vibes were unbelievable.

But I’ll try to write more about that later.  Everything that I learned this weekend, all the people I was able to talk to, and all the experiences we had reminded me how amazing this movement is.  I tried to spend as much time as possible talking to people and I mean truly talking to people – none of this how is your weather bullshit (although most of the Canada locations in terms of #weatherproof) but rather getting down to the nitty gritty of life stories and why they show up. Why did they show up in the first place, why did they continue to show up, and why do they keep doing this.

I talked to folks about how they led the bounces, how they got involved in workouts, and their goals for their tribe.  We are all different and that’s something to take note of when going throughout our daily lives.  We cannot compare one person to another and one tribe to another.  I know that we are doing an amazing job and I know that I have things to learn.  Life is a constant evolution and the only way that we are going to move forward is by supporting one another and taking a few leaps of faith.

But what Jesse and I were MOST proud of at the end of the weekend was this tribe right here in Los Angeles.  Not only did I miss you guys (especially that epic musical themed workout) but we had folks mention how welcoming our tribe is, how people push one another, and how tough the workouts are.  Seriously.  Then it was all brought together this morning and yes, I’m still smiling from this morning because IT WAS SO FREAKING AMAZING.   I know I can speak for both Jesse and myself when I saw y’all are a HUGE reason I show up every damn day and a reason this movement still exists to this day.

This movement and these workouts are often what you make of it.  Jesse and I work to share our passion in every workout and yes, this weekend reminded us that we have a lot to learn.  We learned where November Project is going and we learned where/how we need to grow.  I’m talking personal growth, growth in the tribe, understanding how growth can vary from tribe to tribe, growth in passion for free fitness.

Passion.  Fitness.  Hard work.  Community.

This started first and foremost as a workout and it’s my goal to really emphasize that every Wednesday and Friday morning.  Folks around the world get up to work out and through working out together and social interactions, we create a community and for some a home base.  I’ve had the opportunity to travel to some other tribes, spend some time getting to know co-leaders outside of a workout setting, meet various members during and outside of workouts and it reminds me how November Project has been one of the best things to ever come into my life.  In a world that’s often moving a million miles a minute, this workout turned community is home.

Sap over.  For now.


Friday 7/20 – OLVERA ST at 6am. Tracker Here.  Best bet parking is on North Spring and Cesar Chavez.

North Face Endurance Challenge CA: Sign up.  It’ll be fun.

NP SUMMIT  – Still looking to go?  SIGN UP!  Teams >> handy dandy Google Excel Doc and register >> right here! (Test out “NP20”).

Fun Fact:  Los Angeles was founded in 1781 on a site southeast of today’s Union Station near the Los Angeles River.

Do Good LA.  

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