The Hardest Day (SF)

Day 2 of November Project is a struggle. You’re a rockstar. But day 2, you’re still new but you’re just hoping that person you met last week remembers your name. Some people remember you from day 1, but there’s still so many unfamiliar faces. It’s a real challenge to push through those early days to carve out a place for yourself but just on the other side of that is a community and a group that will encourage and support you fully.

The three of us have thought a lot about how we can make day 2+ a more inviting experience. We’re borrowing a concept used at NP Philly. It’s called Newbie Necklaces and it’s quite simple. Newbies get a necklace on their first day. It’s looks great and really brings out the color in their eyes. The purpose of the necklace is to highlight that newbie as someone special. If you see someone with a necklace, introduce yourself! Give a hug or high five and really do your best to remember their name. Remember your first few times when it was a huge deal that someone recognized you? Pay that forward. 

Our hope is that these necklaces make newbies feel special (because you are) and let the rest of the tribe know to make the extra effort to welcome them. When we give out a necklace, it’s yours for as long as you feel new. That could be a week or a month (or some other time scale). When you are ready and you feel like a part of our tribe, hand it back to us and we’ll pass it on to the next newbie. 

Current tribe members, do your part and say “Hi!” to people you see with the necklaces on. Friend them on Facebook, add them to our social group, invite them to social events, race them, and encourage them during the workouts. 

Newbies, wear that necklace proud! Take selfies with it, tag @novemberprojectsf, tell your friends, bring your friends, put yourself out there, never stop exploring, embrace the fun, but most importantly, just show up! ❤


Much love,
Ali, Tony, Zip

P.S. If you see Tony, give him some love for making these!


Vallejo St. Steps aka here.

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