Race Everything. Race Something.

Here at NP it’s often the little things that matter the most. The small decision to #justshowup on a day you just want to hit snooze, digging through your memory to give that newbie you just met whose name you barely/probably don’t remember a cheer by a name you’ve just made up for them and a high five, or giving just a little extra effort to make that final push through the fire hydrant on your last hill. They all might seem like small moments, little decisions, or no big deal. But most of the time it’s the littlest thing that makes most of the difference.

And on this premise, it’s a good day to revisit the old NP adage #RaceEverything. From the origin days at NP when two friends would workout together with no one else around (because it really was a fitness “project” for a month, in November) when they had nothing better to do than to race each other and race themselves, on everything, because it was more fun and more challenging to kick their asses than to just take it easy. And the culture continued to be one of racing and working really hard.

This racing culture at NP still exists and it has evolved over time to be less focused on everyone trying to be faster than everyone else — and more focused on supporting everyone else to get faster than they used to be. We strive for Personal Records. Which is why PR day is so important. Maybe it’s the one day in a month that you throw down and time yourself and see what the effort of the last month has produced. Maybe it’s the day when you put aside the wonders, worries, and fears of not measuring up and simply taking the risk to try. And when you do, maybe it’s also the day when you surprise yourself or the day you discover something powerful and new that you didn’t see in yourself before. Maybe you get faster. Maybe you DON’T get faster and you also have an opportunity to discover what influenced that outcome. It’s not about judgment, it’s about being willing to try.

Let me say that again. It’s not about judgment.

NP is a place to feel safe enough to try hard things AND to keep being challenged to try hard things. To get better at the stuff that stretches our strength, endurance, overall fitness and mental toughness.

And while it’s always intended to be safe and feel good to be there, NP is not a place to get cozy…overly-comfortable…and eventually stagnant.

So we keep talking about racing. We keep throwing down PR days. We keep asking you to race your face off at the #Sunrise6k (the next one is coming up Monday, July 30), and we keep challenging you to take those racing risks.

No one has to race every. Single. Thing.

Unless you want to.

But we are asking you to race something. Not for us, but for you. Embrace racing yourself and go ahead and define what your race is. It’s not up to NP or your tribe leaders or anyone else to determine which challenges are significant to you. But find your challenges and race the shit out of them because it’s exactly those kinds of challenges that allow each of us to grow.

Keep racing and keep changing the world.

Have a great weekend.

MONDAY DESTINATION DECK is at the esplanade dock, just east of Mass Ave.

Map coordinates: (42.3529101,-71.0859837) And a Google map here.

Sunrise 6k is coming on Monday July 30. 5:30/6:30AM. Mark your calendars and tell your friends, your coworkers, your family, and your neighbors.

Lizzie Pollio poses with her PR dot and a PR freeze pop
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