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There are few constants in my life. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to go in every direction possible. Ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I would have a different answer every time. I bounced around from sport to sport. Soccer, baseball, football, basketball, tennis, sprinting around the track, triple jump, throwing javelin, rugby, road running, trail running, and now climbing. I found reasons for moving on each time, but when looking back I realize that I was just looking for new adventures. The common excuse for this was that I just hadn’t found my passion, but I was really passionate about everything I did. In an almost obsessive way, I dive in to my new endeavor and explore it with a white hot fire until the candle burns out. Then I take a step back and change directions until that candle is ready to burn again. Apologies to everyone I’ve ever dated because I know this hot/cold/hot/cold pattern extends to most of my life. Hence why I have few constants.

One such constant is November Project. For a little over 4 years I’ve shown up to workouts excited for something new. Maybe I met a new person that week, or we were at a new location, or a new workout at an old location, or maybe I finally learned someone’s name! Whatever it was, it was new. Constantly evolving and providing something fresh. I love the community that is November Project. The anti-judgement, we’re glad you’re here, sweaty hug or high five giving community. Where you can run with one person and learn an incredible amount about them in 30-40 minutes or you can split it up and learn a few cool things about 5-10 people. This morning I ran with a few people and asked “What is your favorite flavor of banana?” and also “What is one small thing this past week that you are proud of?”

When I read Abby’s blog (Click here if you haven’t) I couldn’t stop smiling. My favorite relationships are those where even if you haven’t seen the person in years, you pick up like you just had lunch yesterday. November Project offers that opportunity. Whether you show up each and every single week, whenever you can, or after taking a needed personal break, it doesn’t change the fact that we are glad you’re here. That will forever be a constant at our workouts. If you are reading this and you haven’t come in weeks, months, years, and have been thinking about coming but worried about whether it has been too long. Let me say just one thing. #JustShowUp.

My daily dose of something new:

Most people’s banana flavors were based on ripeness, but a few got creative and picked peanut butter banana. Most specific answer came from Amanda who said “within an hour of it just losing the last bit of green.”

Also shout out to Laura for crushing it at work and scoring a massive grant! #BeProud #FuckYeah

(are #’s in a blog pointless, #?)

Musings from M.O.M. – I started asking weird questions to co-leaders from around the world which lead to learning how they think and directed us to deeper conversations. Give it a shot the next time you catch yourself talking about the weather.

Speaking of, anyone else catch the thunderstorm in Santa Monica on Wednesday?



Wednesday – PR day is next week. Bring a light colored shirt to get a sweet ass tag. Or bring black and get the highly coveted black on black ninja tag.

August – There’s some cool shit happening. #prehypeHYPE

North Face Endurance Challenge CA: Sign up.  It’ll be fun.

NP SUMMIT  – Still looking to go?  SIGN UP!  Teams >> handy dandy Google Excel Doc and register >> right here! (Test out “NP20”).

Fun Fact: A few varieties of wild bananas include bubblegum pink bananas with fuzzy skins, green-and-white striped bananas with pulp the color of orange sherbet, and bananas that taste like strawberries when they’re cooked. #Whatsyourflavor


Do Good, LA!

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