Alright, admittedly that was pretty tricky, throwing a PR Day at you without any warning. But you have to realize, Tara and I would never give this tribe anything you can’t handle! You’ve handled 7 minutes of burpees, plank-knee-touching-competitions-turned-wrestling-matches, recovery from various injuries, and millions and millions of stairs. Sometimes the secret to PR Day is to shove the worrying aside and just trust your legs.

By the time 7:30 am rolls around, maybe you’ve PRed and maybe you haven’t. Either way, you’ve won your morning by showing up. 

Now I’m gonna talk about Max for a minute. He has an unfair advantage because he’s an emergency wing nurse, so he is used to being exhausted, overworked, caring, and compassionate all at once. He is used to being selfless, like the time he showed up to November Project for a month with a fractured toe so he could use the time to “get to know the newbies better.” If Max has taken the time to make you feel welcome, and I know that he has for a whole lot of you, pass on the love!! Especially because Max is leaving us for New York in December so we need to work on replacing him.

Guys, I’m still riding so high off this morning. The tribe is strong. The tribe is fast. The tribe is getting BIG (80+ this morning)!!! The tribe is so much fucking fun. The tribe makes my week!!! Love you all and already can’t wait until next Wednesday!


WEDNESDAYS @ DRAKE — still happening (FOREVER)! We’ll see you back here next week at 6:30 am! 

BEACHTOBER: 1 more chances to join the fun! Facebook event HERE!
THIS FRIDAY LOCATION, HERE! See you at 6:30 am! Don’t forget to BYOPumpkin!! 

New and interested in this? Shoot us a message on FB or email at 

NORTH FACE ENDURANCE CHALLENGE CALIFORNIA! Weren’t able to swing Summit this year in Milwaukee? Have no fear, CALIFORNIA hosts an endurance challenge race that many of us consider our ‘mini summit’! A chance to connect and race with lots of friends from other tribes and enjoy a weekend away in the beautiful bay area! Join us on 11/17 weekend in San Francisco! Register HERE! All tribe Google Doc HERE! West LA Google Doc HERE!



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