Editing an existing blog post…now that’s efficiency!! Happy Halloween, Race Day, AND Founder’s Day!!!

Here is everything you need to know about Monumental Marathon Week/Weekend!!

After saying goodbye to OG James Laker today, we continue our farewell tour on Friday when we say goodbye to Danielle at the North End of the canal at the “Fish Spa” outside of Bugg’s Temple and IU Health. We’ve been there before, most recently for Rachel’s final workout….seems to be a theme with that spot. Anyway!! 6am start with breakfast to follow!!






Monumental Marathon Saturday (11/03) is chock full of fun! I mean packed to the gills people. Racing starts at 8a, and Shaw’s leading a bounce at 7:30 behind the Statehouse, specifically here:

Image sponsored by First Watch – Market Tower, subsidy of First Watch Restaurants, Incorporated Ltd LLC, a sole proprietor partnership ©. All rights reserved.


Dream Team Cheer Squad will have a Cheer Station (aka cheer hole) set up in front of Broadway United Methodist Church, near the intersection of Park and Fall Creek Pkwy, specifically here:

We’re gonna have a really good time. Lulu crew-lu is bringing coffee and donuts and signs, Sam is bringing a coffee compliment, Jaden is bringing more signs, and this squad will be Bringing the [F’ing] Noise. Come get amped then get runners amped. Reuse your Halloween costumes if you’re so inclined. All are welcome to join (except MM runners). We’re at a solid spot, right where the full and half marathoners split, so we’ll see ’em all. Best parking option is really any non-marathon (routes here) street north of 29th. Park Ave north of 29th is a good bet. Be there at 8a.

After the race it’s the after party, and that after party features yoga and hops starting just after noon. We’re hoping to have a solid showing since after all it is free yoga and beer. There is a requested donation with all funds going towards Growing Places Indy. The yoga is courtesy of Yoga & Hops, and the hops are courtesy of Hops & Yo… no, Lululemon. Event link here. We’ll meet at Liter House, specifically here:

The post race brewery tour continues into the evening with the post-race social that will be at Sun King Brewery starting at 4pm

Thanks to all who braved the weather this morning…everybody got sporadically downpoured-upon at some point. And thanks to the paint crew and camera crew for braving the elements as well!! It’s gonna be a great weekend!! We’ll see you Friday!!




-Casey (Later edited by Shaw)

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