Early Trick or Treat (LAX)

First off, HUGE shoutout to NP_DC as they not only celebrated Steve’s last workout but had 500 PEOPLE PRESENT! Wow.  What can happen when you just #recruiteveryone.   If you have a moment to hop on over to his last blog, it’s a good read.  

Speaking of #recruiteveryone, during the month of November, try to bring at least one new friend.  Hey, it’s the namesake month and the one people won’t get utterly confused by.  Plus it’s a month of hills and who WOULDN’T love that?  But really, all you have to do is call, text, FaceTime an old friend, new friend, coworker, date, family member, etc. and have them show up and check it out. More on that next week + #NPGivesBack with a sock drive.

Moving onto this morning’s trick or treat.  Yes it’s a week early for Halloween but most stores are starting to celebrate Christmas so a week is not bad.  Well, the reactions we got when you realized/learned/heard it was PR day?  Priceless.  No, we will not be doing PR day next week, you’re welcome.  But we WILL be tagging, so bring a light colored top (t-shirt, tank, sweatshirt, onesie, etc.) and we’ll get some #grassrootsgear on there. 

Other announcements/reminders at the end but before we get to that, we have another Meet Your Tribe edition with John Asante. John just ran his 10th half marathon this weekend and always arrives with a smile on his face! If you haven’t gotten to know John, here’s a little bit about him from him!

  • First workout – November 2017
  • Angeleno or transplant – Transplant from Atlanta (by way of NYC and DC)
  • Favorite workout – Deck of Cards (especially if it’s a team competition!)
  • Why do you keep showing up? – I love the community aspect, the camaraderie, and a reason to justify eating candy
  • Superpower – Super Conversationalist: the ability to jump in (nearly) any situation and start or keep a discussion going
  • Spirit animal – fox — I’m constantly thinking about how to handle tricky situations in a quick manner…and I’m a bit sneaky when it comes to workouts that include sprints
  • Occupation – podcast producer at Stitcher
  • Any nicknames – Old Man Asante (I got it in college when I used to fall asleep at obnoxiously loud parties)
  • Favorite season – Summer (though every season in LA feels like a slight variation of summer to me, which I really enjoy!)
  • Ice cream flavor that represents your personality (how would you identify as an ice cream flavor) – Rocky Road — it’s got a lot of variety
  • Proudest moment – Co-running a Babysitter’s Club workout at Griffith Park with Blake Day. We made a Deck of Cards workout (see a pattern here?) dedicated it to Aretha Franklin, right after she passed. The reaction and feedback we got was amazing

Glad you are here John!


Friday 10/26 – The LAST Friday in October means…BYOP! We’re on the beach at 6:30 and it’s bring your own pumpkin for the workout! Recommended size is the 1) size of your head 2) you can carry. 

SWCC is not this weekend but NEXT weekend.  Check out the doc here for your team assignments and tent groups.  If you hadn’t coordinated, we helped out a bit but please please text, call, facebook your buddies and get the rest of the details figured out (i.e. confirm who is bringing the tent, how y’all are getting to Joshua Tree, who is bringing the road trip playlist). 

North Face ECSCA 11/17 – Check out all the awesome races here

Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon – Spots are open for Sunday (RNRLA10 for $10 off the 1/2 + RNRLA5 for $5 off the 5K) and NPLAX is hosting a CHEER station (Facebook event) so come out, grab a sign and have some fun with us!! I will bring coffee and donuts because that’s the best race/cheer fuel obviously. 

SOCIAL MEDIA (more importantly Instagram) – Yes, we do in fact have an Instagram Account and upload some nifty stories AND announce workouts here too.

LAX Social Page – Check out the LAX Social Facebook Page here where people share free events, make announcements, and give shout outs to other tribe members outside of the workouts.

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