Surprise! Monday

Hey Tribe!

Welp, we went away and the babysitter co-leaders took over.  And I mean they TOOK OVER everything.  Capozzi and I are convinced that the level of detail, attention, and pure creativity might put us out of our jobs, but we’re incredibly grateful for all that Eric and Britto did to keep the ship afloat while we were gone.  As we arrived in California with 100+ other coleaders from around the whole wide world for the Meeting of the Minds (M.O.M.), we kept hearing comments and compliments about the social media coming out of Boston.  It was something we were super proud to learn the actual whole world is paying attention to, and that the strength of our tribe members (dedication, creativity, and really understanding the culture of NP) was coming across loud and clear.

In fact, those rockstars @klawbritto almost had to step back up this morning, since our flight back from San Francisco was delayed and we each barely got a nap at home before getting back up for the workout.  Thankfully our babysitters picked a really beautiful location for the workout this morning (inside Arnold Arboretum in JP), and we had a kickass crew of human beings show up to see just what would happen.

Capozzi and I sneaked off to a different spot inside the Arboretum and Eric told everyone who showed up that we had slept in after our late arrival in Boston.  Then when he led the group on a warm up run, SURPRISE, there your delirious co-leaders were, ready to throw down with a hard and social workout.  Partners took turns doing short, medium, and long sprints while the other partner did jump squats for the first set of 3 sprints, mountain climbers for the next set, and plank for the third set of sprints.  All the while they were asking each other questions to get to know each other better.  The question game was just as strong as the fitness game, and it highlighted how important it is to work hard at our fitness, while also keeping our eyes up and our selves open to meeting, connecting with, and knowing others in the tribe–because this is exactly how we build more community.

If there’s one most important takeaway from our MOM experience, it’s that community–and building it intentionally through our unique brand of social fitness–is of the utmost importance in this movement.  NP is absolutely about building our fitness, improving health and well being in our bodies, AND it’s about strengthening the resource that best helps to change the world in positive ways, which is our togetherness–our worldwide community.  And it felt amazing to arrive back this morning to so many bright, positive, hard-working members of our Boston community, who were ready to support, encourage, and challenge each other to be better, faster, and fitter.  We have a really special thing here in Boston, and it’s our job to not take it for granted, but instead to see this potential and keep making positive waves in the world, through every single workout.

Next stop in #worldtakeover…Wednesday morning in Harvard stadium.  Show up and don’t be afraid or hesitant to share this community with someone who hasn’t experienced it yet.  It’s so much easier for anyone new to show up when someone like you, who they know and feel comfortable with says, “Come with me. I’ll be there and it will be fun.”  It might seem insignificant, but from the very beginning of NP almost 7 years ago, this “bring one person with you” manner of including and supporting new people has been how NP has grown and continued changing people’s lives.  Let’s keep that shit going.

We’re so happy to be back.  The tribe is strong.

Keep changing the world.

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