Sunrise 6K (LAX)

Congrats to all our fabulous runners!


You kicked some serious Santa Monica butt today.


And more importantly, you showed up with that Spirit.

Update the #tracker with your times!
Do Great, LA!


SUNDAY 7.19 Yearbook Photos Tagging Party, NOON-2PM @Benny’s Crib
2304 Alta Street, LA.
Facebook Event

MONDAY 7.11 NP YOGA, 6:30AM @ Modo Yoga LA
Be there early! Doors will LOCK once class begins.
Class is now SOLD OUT, but you can still email with VERBAL in the subject line to reserve a spot on the waitlist.

FRIDAY 7.15 Babysitters Club
Your leaders are leaving and Maggie & Kevin are in charge

WEDNESDAY 7.20 Yearbook Photos, 5:27AM/6:27AM @ Hollywood Bowl
Want to relive your prom night? #JustShowUp in your get up and we’ll take care of the rest
The catch: You must workout in your outfit.


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