Bourbon and Bowling Balls (DEN)

530 Ambidexterity Practice
530 Ambidexterity Practice

Watch out!  I’m comin’ in hot and this is gonna be quick!  (That’s what he said – come on, I know you were thinking it.)  Stop thinking that!  I’m not a piece of meat!

Seriously, this is going to be super quick because life is happening at light effing speed today.  You all fucking crushed it.  Nathan rucked approximately 20-70 pounds, depending on whom you ask.  Shannon rucked a hot pink bowling ball that looked like the planet Saturn, sans rings.  I had a bottle of bourbon, toilet bowl cleaner, a liter of water, and various accoutrements that, when mixed together, make for a really fun Saturday night.

The Convention Center stairs are never easy, and we decided to throw a little extra weight on our backs because…well, why the hell not?  We’re NP5280 and we’re strong as hell and only getting stronger.

Matthew was out sick today, so thank you for being patient with my awkwardness and, at times, poor communication skills.  Take 10 seconds out of your day to send our buddy, Sarge, a “get well soon” message, or maybe a “don’t ever leave us alone with Woody again” plea.  Whatever suits your fancy.

We love the hell outta you guys – traverballers from DC and Vancouver included!

Don’t lose that vibe.  Don’t fake that funk.

Major Woody

Wednesday – Civic Center Amphitheater same bat time, same bat channel.


615 Indecisive camera pose practice
615 Indecisive camera pose practice
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