At around 6:39AM #Paulleak and I sent everyone off in three large groups to tackle PR day.  We see Natalie who was looking very anxiously past the grotto for her friend Jenn who was apparently 1 minute away. #Paulleak asked Natalie about how long ago did she receive that text message; her reply was about three minutes ago.  What a good friend Natalie was to wait for Jenn to get there to get her workout started. This my friends is called accountability.  Jenn missed the bounce and the awkward first timer introductions.  Lew Leone snapped your finish Jenn and Natalie I am glad you were both here.  We look forward to seeing you soon.


newbies (4)

Pr day is a hard brutal all out running based workout which is quite challenging and to be honest its difficult to do it alone.  Today was one of the hottest days of the year. Myles pointed out the course is now approximately 3 seconds slower per lap because of the new fence.  Along the course today I poked my nose around and saw a common theme.  There were a lot of tribe members holding each other accountable to get through the workout.   I loved seeing the commodore of the tribe. Vader per usual had a fan group of about 6 pretty ladies cheering him on to finish strong.  Emily Daniels and Kathryn were pulling each other through. The  ” Burke” crew was supporting each other lap by lap.  The Gross family as always was a strong duo on the course supporting each other.   Staci showed up to her first workout posted having a baby because her accountabilibuddy ; her husband watched their new born baby so she could workout.  My heart was bursting to see everyone supporting each other.  It also reminded me all of the new faces in the crowd that do not have an official “accountabilibuddy”.

no namegross




This is where the homework assignment comes.  I know I’ve  been a co-leader for what feels like 5 seconds and I am issuing homework.  I know I am aweful but you will thank me later. If you currently have a  accountabilibuddy reach out to them and get together for coffee or a beer.  You may live a busy life like Coach John who has been living on the beach for the past 7 days no problem pencil in some facetime. Have a conversation on what your fitness goals are. Do you wanna break 2 hours in a half marathon? Do you wanna run pr in the 5K?  Do you want to traverbal to 10 tribes in the next year?  Then discuss the steps you need to do to get to those goals.   If you are injured and recovering thats when having a accoutabilibuddy is very helpful.  Take the time to get healthy so you can get back to crushing your goals.   I know a lot of you were introduced to the tribe through friends I encourage you to pick someone you don’t know and choose wisely. My accountabilibuddy is getting her doctorate at medical school.  She learned more than my goals.  I showed her all my rashes, bumps and medical questions. I was so lucky she was so patient and understanding and still to this day checks in on me on how I am doing in my goals and my silly medical concerns.  Your accountabilibuddy will text you when your tired and don’t wanna get out of bed.  I give everyone one week to find this accoutabilibuddy.  Alright tribe get to work and find yourself a accountabilibuddy.





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