Today was awesome.  The vibes were intense.  The photos are incredible.

Our tribe is strong.  The tribe is hilarious.  This tribe, this morning was huge.

All of “this”, to say the least humbles me.  To think 3 years ago it all started with 5 people (3 of us being leaders) to now having 225 people show up… stoked with absurd energy.  All of it blows my mind and kinda leaves me speechless.  This movement has now taken up 10% of my life and I can honestly say it has had more of a positive impact on me then any other endeavor I have been part of.  I have been able to overcome my fear of public speaking, to become less selfish and to become more passionate.  Each and every one of you is different in awesome ways and I am able to learn and grow from you.  You are the most fun, energetic and positive people I have ever met.  You make me a more happy, bright and strong human.

For all of your dedication, accountability and love I want to thank you.

Lets keep this this moving forward, lets change more lives, and lets take over this world!

Important weather reports:

  1. Sunrise 6K Monday July 11th at Crystal Pier.  Meet below the pier on the sand and do not bring anything that you cannot carry for a 4 mile race.  Also bring a white T shirt to get tagged for Pride week!
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