Hill Repeats (PHL)

Running hills sucks – it just does, you can say it – try it – say it out loud right now, “running hills sucks” I just said it too and I feel much better now!
The thing is, running hills is so good for you and whatever it may be you are training for. Think about it. Running a race with lots of hills? Hill repeats will strengthen you to conquer them. Your next race is a flat course? Hill repeats can and will help increase your speed. But, hill repeats aren’t only about physical toughness. There is a great deal of mental toughness that goes into them as well. Climbing the proverbial hill of life isn’t often an easy one, but perseverance, sheer will and your mental toughness will push you through. Hill repeats help strengthen that part of you too. They will get easier, life will fall into place and the more you tackle these things the better prepared you will be. In the meantime we’ll conquer these challenges together.

There were points this morning, where some of you struggled and I proudly saw others cheer you on. There were points this morning where someone behind you was out of breath and I proudly saw others pull tribemembers up the hill, with words, with encouragement, even, at one point, by literally pulling – grasping a shirt and physically tugging a friend up those hills.

This morning the community was strong. Y’all should be proud. You are all amazing!

Shawn passed the Hard Hat on to Colin – who I think has had it like 9000 times now, which is dope.

Rayro is turning 21 this weekend! She’s been working out with us since our early days and we are always happy when she travels home from college to get fit with us. This gal is a powerhouse and we’re pretty excited that we may see her out on the town over the weekend!! HBD R!!

Have a great weekend folks – you earned it this morning!

Peace and health and all those good vibes

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