Go Forth and Conquer Thy Weekend!

We still don’t have a blog sponsor… Perhaps I should aim a little lower than Duchess? #HuskyCoffeeForBlogSponsor?  Sponsor or not, we slayed this week!  We got in trouble from the U of A for being to rad, did #whatever on the stairs of Commonwealth Stadium and collectively ran up enough meters of vertical to most likely cover Mount Logan a few times!  Clearly our epic week inspired Milos Raonic to slay his dragon and become the first Canadian buddy to ever make a Grand Slam Final!  Congrats, guy!


As all of you, except Tanis, heard this morning, WE ARE TURNING 3!  Yippee!  So like all three year olds we will have a party at Bullwinkles, check that… Commonwealth Stadium, on Wednesday.  Birthday cakes, birthday hats, birthday balloons, birthday suits will all be appropriate.  Check that…. Birthday suits might get you a criminal record.  Just wear shorts as small as that fast guy, Keith.  Monday, where should we go?  Ummmm, how aboot here.   It’s right in front of the CBC radio window.  We will probably get in trouble again…  Good thing we have Nadim’s HR skills.

See you Monday and have a great weekend!  #BOOM!

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