Sun Salutation in the face of Rain (YYZ)

Another muggy Wednesday morning. The air was so thick that it was remarked how it seemed to negatively impact one’s ability to exercise; each breath doesn’t seem to reach deep enough. I wish I could blame the humidity on Michigan again (‘shakes fist anyway’) but alas we had a thunderstorm watch on the radar and when I woke up I debated wearing a ball cap just in case. Ultimately, the thought was fleeting as I forgot to put it on by the time I left, which indicates to me that, at my core, I gave zero fucks about rain being on my face.

Being on time for NP was more important. Ain’t nobody got time to debate that shit. Today we had half of our tribe show up late. I had to explain the work out 5 times because just as I would finish explaining it, a few more people would show up, and this continued a few more times. Not fair to the others that arrived by 6:29am. Because today’s workout was a relay with multiple teams it required that everyone know what they had to do. I didn’t want the people on time to have less of a shot at winning because the late comers didn’t know what they were doing. So please, my friends, please make an effort to be on time!

Thankfully, because our tribe is a collection of smart people everyone caught on fast and the race began! People were getting their sweat on with every exercise; some were numbered and others timed. You knew the timed exercise was done when I let out my Tarzan cry. All the while a member from each group was on the run! Down the stairs and up the hill to complete a circle of Casa Loma and upon their return the next runner was off! A solid effort by all. The workout demanded constant effort and you never get to escape the stairs! Burpees started our list of exercises and a newly introduced form of partner plank included one person planks and their partner squats holding their legs. Oh yeah.

Plank and Clap!

In the end, with the last runners racing home we did have a winning group. Who announced they were victorious by letting out their best gorilla call and pounding their fists against their chest. I cannot think of a better gesture to start the day. After a breather and some water we gathered for the group photo, while letting the tribe know that we learned our lesson from last week = group photo first, tagging after. As a Thank You to the Sun God for holding off the Thunder we did a Sun Salutation pose as an expression of our gratitude. 10 minutes after the photo was taken the rain started to fall.

Sun Salutation YYZ

While I say we were grateful to not be caught in a thunderstorm I must confess……I thoroughly look forward to our first workout that has us enduring a heavy rain fall. Hey, at the very least it’s a free shower 😉

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