Throwback Nostalgia-ism (DEN)

As November Project – Denver hits it’s 2nd full year in existence, I’d like to wax nostalgic on the upbringing of your tribe and encourage everyone to dig a little deeper into this free workout group that you willfully wake up for.

Where did it come from? Why do I like it? What makes it different? Why doesn’t everyone love huggin?

First of all, go learn everything on the internet about Bojan and Brogan. Are they larger than life? Are they genuine and loving and passionate? Are they committed and honest and living their dreams? I’ll help you out: the answers to all of these questions are an astounding, Yes.

The Godfathers: Bojan & Brogan
The Godfathers: Bojan & Brogan

Why do we spray paint our clothing? Where did the oar handle “Postivity Award” come from? Why do we yell “Yall Good”? Why do I keep getting tagged in Facebook pictures? Who broke the first #Verbal?

Denver has now had it’s tribe for two full years! As we gear up for another round of year book pictures, it’s fun to look back, see the awesomeness that we’ve grown through, and remember why we all chose to #JustShowUp.

Hi Michelle!
Hi Michelle!

When you’re bored at lunch, go read through some old NP blog posts, google thing’s like Frogman and Hoistee, or phone a friend in another NP city (23 cities!!) and convince them that it’s worth joining the world take over revolution.


Lt Flanniel


RnR: Congrats to RON, TANNER, & JEREMY who each one free entries into the Denver Rock N Roll Marathon, thanks to the support of RunWestin.

Yearbook Photos: WED 9/16 : Calling all everyone who has ever come to an NP5280 workout. Come back. We don’t care what your excuse has been. Come get your YEARBOOK photo taken!! Theme is FLANNEL!!!

FRI: 530 & 615A : There is a bike path island in Denver: Meet on it. Intersection of 6th Ave & Lincoln St & Speer Blvd. Don’t worry if you get lost… that is the zest of life.

6th at Speer
6th at Speer at Lincoln
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