The #Traverbal (DCA.. by way of NYC)

I didn’t have stairs for breakfast this morning. I didn’t get to wake up Abe this morning. I didn’t see the smiling faces that I am so used to cheesing with (or just at) at 5:29am. And part of me can’t miss a DC workout without majorly missing my tribe, wondering everything about the morning. Were their newbies? Did I miss a birthday? Who, out of nowhere, really fucking turned it on and sprinted all out? Cause I LOVE that. What are the newbies names? How loud is Brendan yelling?


TG, yes, for instagram. Appeasing my fomo. But TG for something bigger than insta. I swear there’s something bigger out there than insta. I am so thankful this morning for my home and DC tribe, for #Oceans23, for November Project NYC and for November Project as a whole.

I got to go to my third (and my fourth, cause you can take the girl out of DC but you can’t take the #DVerbal out of the girl OR something like that) November Project NYC, and actually my third (and fourth) not-DC-NP workout. I was excited to go, but mostly just excited to run with my sister, be a tribe member, and get rowdy in someone else’s bounce. And yeah, all of that happened. As it should. But then, a LOT more too.

Today, the workout was led by Matt Powers and Pete Navatto. Two seriously amazing dudes and two of what I think the NYC tribe calls stepdads. Cool. I don’t know them because they’re leaders, I don’t know them because they’re stepdads. I know them because they’re super active, compassionate ALL out and ALL about our NP community tribe members. Powers? I know from his #traverbals to DC. He travels, he makes videos of tribes, takes yearbook photos of tribe members, kills it at workouts and is loud and warm and welcoming. Navatto? I know him because he and his wife came to a Monday morning workout in DC a couple months ago, and then within two hours of meeting me and one hour of sweating it out with our tribe, had picked me up and were driving me all the way to New York for an audition (which they went far out of their way to literally give me front door service to).

I got to meet Tory, who I’d practically and social media-ly met, but ever actually in person met. I got to double with Alex, a real life family member of the DC tribe family. I got to hug Lucy, an NYC NPer that I met at a free workout in Alaska this summer. I got to high-five, Lew, a dude I’d met at least six months ago at a DC workout, who remembered my name like it was yesterday. I got to wish Meg a happy anniversary which I had only gotten to do via facebook. I got to workout with Winnie who I hadn’t seen since she came to a DC workout at the beginning of the summer. I got to hug it out with George (master mind behind 3D printed key chains and stencils) who I hadn’t seen since, well, Monday when he ran our Meridian Hill workout. I got to meet and then sweat it out with and compliment Becky. I met Katherine and I met Geer. I met Candice and I met Jason. I got to learn the names of five people who showed up for the first time today. I got to sprint and cheer and sweat and high-five and just fucking feel like I had a home in this community – a four and a half hour drive from my physical home – because it was November Project and because of who we are. We’re, positive, we’re connected and we’re open arms greaters, and even though we all have different reasons for being there, we understand why we’re up before 5:30 and why we’re running and jumping at 6:30.

After this morning with New York City, I hate to say I’m bummed to miss DC (I’M BUMMED TO MISS DC) BUT it is seriously, next level, UNreal to have this community wherever you go (provided it’s in #Oceans23 but whatev). It was so much fun to feel like a brand newbie to this group and person fully a year plus in love with this community all at once. If this morning had been my first NP, I’d clear my Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from here to the end of time (hello, drama queen).

If you haven’t dropped a #verbal, DROP A #VERBAL. If you haven’t dropped a #traverbal, DROP A #TRAVERBAL. This community is giant and taking over the world, so get to know it.

You’re fucking beautiful, DC. I missed you like whoa. SEE YOU FRIDAY.



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