Living Off HYPE

I was asked a few times this morning what I’m on so early in the morning to have this much energy.  Is it waaay too much coffee? A good night’s sleep? Some other substance? How do we, collectively, have so much energy this early in the morning?

There are a few theories out there on this but the most scientifically proven is this huge ass thing called HYPE.  HYPE is not a new drug, but a natural phenomenon that is actually good for the body; fact.  We don’t need any energy drinks, sorry girls; we can simply thrive off one another.


Let me break it down.  This morning was all HYPE.  #Yearbookphotos happen once a year and ever since we were children it’s one of the best days of the year, besides of course field day and the last day before summer.  We HYPE to all our friends and family because missing out on this morning would just leave you without a super fucking badass profile picture for the next year. This morning was even more special because the entire tribe brought it back to the 80’s and with my extensive year and a half of living during this decade, I’d say we did a pretty damn good job representing.

Then there’s the HYPE of every day workouts.  It’s a similar feeling to throwing your favorite jam on and your body filling up with energy like you are ready to EXPLODE!  All you can do is dance your face off.  That’s kind of what it’s like to work out next to you group of yahoos.  Seeing each one of you push through the stadium as we tackled #robotman3 (yes THREE) together is what feeds me and everyone one else in this tribe.  All the HYPE posts on social meedz for #yearbookphotos, all the laughs that manage to slip out between the pants as you catch your breath; it’s fuel.  It’s the intensity and commitment that you all give to this group that makes us continue to show up every morning.  That is HYPE and its good for the soul.

Keep HYPING today and every day. Track today’s sections here.  #Yearbookphotos will drop soon so tag yourself, tag your friends and use it to learn the names of all those you’ve unsuccessfully tried to stalk.

We, #EmCsquared and the rest of the tribe, want to give a loud fucking applause to some special folks who made this morning possible.  Kelvin and Sam, who took charge of snapping and editing those beautiful mug shots, Champagne who made a spiffy laser backdrop, Deniz and Evan for making the photo lines smooth and flawless and to Bojan and Emilie who made a special trip last night to scope things out.  What happened today couldn’t have been done without all these cool catz, so thank you.

I’m taking a vacation Friday because after the last few days around this group I need to come back down to reality.  Join the better 2/3rds (#EmC) Friday on Summit Ave.  6:30 am. Let the HYPE resume.

Cowabunga friends,



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