PHL: When A Century isn’t Enough

Hey tribe, remember when we used to throw out The Century Challenge workout and all groups would barely get it done in the time parameters we had on Wednesday mornings? Yeah me too! Wasn’t the case this morning! You all crushed a century and then some…. Noted: Century Challenge will now include at least 2 or 3 more (x 100) exercises to complete the set – maybe we’ll go for a full 10!

What this breaks down to though, is something everyone who has ever been a part of NP PHL should be really proud of,  you are healthy, you are strong, you are making progress, you are getting faster and all while building friendships and community. For those who didn’t make it this morning, you too are healthy and strong, and we’d love to have you share your progress with us! We want to help you make more strides in that progress – come back and see us again. For those of you who have not come out to see us yet, healthy and strong we know you are and we hope you know it too! Maybe you want to become more healthy? More strong? Or maybe you are satisfied with your health/fitness level? For all of that we applaud you! But maybe, just maybe, you’d enjoy making friends while building that strength, while getting healthier, while surrounding yourself with like minded folks who are just dying to get to know you. Health and fitness isn’t just about who we are on the outside, it is about what we build within before, during and after each workout.

Yearbook photos have been shot. A huge thank you to Sierra and Anush for their vision and for their willingness to volunteer their time to capture all of your beautiful faces! Stay tuned for those to roll out soon.

See you Friday at Lemon Hill!

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