Story time! (MSP)

November Project Minneapolis is quickly approaching its fourth birthday. Four whole years!! On Saturday, January 27th, we are throwing a party to celebrate. You can expect typical party things: food, beverages, music, nostalgic photo montage, meaningful and meaningless awards. But most importantly, this party is about YOU and your stories.

You are invited to share your NP experiences during the open mic portion of the party. How did you hear about November Project? What does NP mean to you? What is the funniest thing you’ve seen happen at a workout? Favorite workout? Most awkward bounce? Who at NP has made an impact on your life?

Just like every workout, come as you are. Share what you feel. If you are interested in telling a story, think a bit about what you’d like to say over the next few weeks. We can’t wait to celebrate four years with you all.

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