YEG knows it, do you?

When planning out our workouts Lauren and I like to think ahead.  We also like to think about the tribe and what will help grow this community more. What will entice people to get out of their beds and show up for 6:29am in the midst of a drop in weather and 20cm dump of snow.  We also like to think about how these workouts will help improve your ability to be agile.  How they will help you move faster and more efficiently or how your body will react to specific workouts including lots of lunges. Finally, how much fun can one have at a workout.  There’s obviously more planning that goes into these 31 minute workouts but for now we’ll leave you with that to ponder.  

So we decided to follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest role model tribes there is.   The one and only November Project Canada. Yes, they too are inviting tribe members to join them on the windiest spots in their city in the coldest month of the year, just to make it that much more awful.  I really shouldn’t use that word “awful” and I am on the fence if I and a collective “we” deserve to use that word yet to describe our own past 2 bridge workouts.  I mean lunges are bad and the weather has gotten warmer so I believe it was awfully amazing, what a zinger of an oxymoron.  But here we go again with the metaphors, November Project and every single particle that it brings into your life is truly a metaphor for something greater.  The perfect example of this is a bridge.  Bridges are essential. They help us get from point A to point B without getting wet.  We can cross them by foot, with pedals, wheels or even turbo jets.  And just like how you crossed the Portage Bridge this morning from Ottawa, Ontario to Hull, Quebec a tribe from Edmonton has been doing the exact same thing during the worst month of the year.  They too, wake up to darkness, they too are led in a bounce and they too move their bodies back and forth across a bridge.  They cross their bridge maybe once, maybe twice or an infamous twelve times.  But you bet your canadian quarter that all the way out in Edmonton, Alberta the tribe is showing up to workout in the coldest spot in town.  

So back to the word awful, because January is a fun month, you ring in the new year and then all your work commitments hit you back in the face after the holiday season is over and then your overindulgent self gets hold of your bank statements.  After splurging on a family member or two, January becomes a month of hunkering down.  Now, if we put those words together;  awful, overindulgent, hunkering down and add in show up and you have yourself bridge month.  The best but worst month of the year.  

So maybe you’re reading this blog in your warm office building regretting not showing up for the 2nd bridge workout ever of  November Project Ottawa. I feel bad that you weren’t there to experience the interprovincial workout, the lunges and lunges and leg raises on a tiny sidewalk.  But there is always next week s get it together, January is cold and frigid and shitty but why not start your day a little brighter?

Here’s to the coldest and darkest month out there. Here’s to you January.

Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


SOCIAL. SHOW UP, bring crayons, markers, glue, scissors or just YOURSELVES 7pm TOMORROW night at the Barley Mow in Westboro! 


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