One year in 45 minutes [MTL]


  • Themed calendar workout, pretty bad (good) puns
  • Goals goals goals
  • The Nation Run this Sunday

HAPPY NEW YEAR TRIBE! Yes, technically last week was the first of the year, but since we have a very travel-y tribe, today was our real reunion! The hugs flew, the stories rolled, the bodies sweat. ‘Twas a good one!

Thanks for starting the year off so right this morning by humouring the worst of puns (I mean come on. “MAY I have some more abs?” Who comes up with this shit!)

One thing that we talked about today was goals. Not just resolutions, but real, hard, often scary goals. From running 1000 miles in 2018 to trying 12 new recipes to maintaining happiness and stability, your goals are great. A) They are super cool, but more importantly B) They are important to you and that is sweet. Reminder that by showing up today you committed to cheering the shit out of your fellow tribe members as they embark on the journey towards whatever goal they are working on! And if you didn’t show up today, we require double the amount of cheering (+ go for a run or something, sleepy-head!)

We briefly mentioned the Nation Run happening through the Mile End Lululemon on Sunday (Jan 14th). Join in for a huge virtual 5 or 10k! All paces (and goals!) are welcome.

In all, it was a great morning. Here’s to 50 more weeks of showing 2018 who’s boss!

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