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Everyone has a story. Some are shorter. Some longer. Some more elaborate. Some really pull at the heartstrings. And some should definitely be told. It may seem smaller or larger in comparison. But each story has its value.

Before we start today’s story time (which coincidentally occurs right before nap time but don’t use that as an excuse to sleep at work. We are not held responsible for your boss’s anger), a quick reminder that PRAC is happening SOON. What’s PRAC? Click that link and you’ll know. It’s like MEGA real soon. Like MAKE SURE YOU’RE ON YOUR COMPUTER AT NOON TOMORROW soon. Don’t miss out.

FRIDAY’S WORKOUT: Rose Park, 6:29AM #EarnYourLaborDayWeekend

And now for STORY TIME brought to you by one of your own, Deb:

I’ve only been going for six weeks, and it’s honestly changed my life so much for the better in that short amount of time. 

To give you some background: I used to run, many years ago. I was on the cross country and track team during my freshman year of high school, but unfortunately it was a pretty negative experience. I just couldn’t handle it — I always felt physically sick when I tried to keep up with everyone, and I finished last in every meet. It was disappointing enough for me that after the season ended, I decided I wasn’t an runner and gave up running, and most fitness, for the next 13 years — when I showed up for NP in July.

It was really hard to convince myself to show up for NP, but it was really needed. I’d been feeling exhausted this whole past year, and doctors couldn’t give a reason why. I’m an artist — a musician and photographer — and because of this fatigue my creative energy was zapped; I hadn’t written a song or done a set of photos in ages. Looking back, I think I was in some kind of low-grade depression. I knew working out would help but just couldn’t motivate myself to exercise on my own. I wasn’t sure how to break through.  

So I showed up to NP with a lot of hesitation, figuring I’d give it a try but sure I wouldn’t be able to handle it. To my amazement, I actually could, because I was able to set my own pace. I found myself actually being able to keep going a whole workout and not feel awful after, because I wasn’t trying to keep up with everyone else. Nobody cared or even noticed that I wasn’t fast, and everyone was positive and friendly. I was actually having a lot of fun working out — something I had never expected. 

The impact has been huge for me. I’ve already become fitter and feel so much better; my energy is back. And relatedly, I’ve been doing a lot with my music in the past few weeks. There are two music projects that I’ve had in the works that were mostly done for a long time but I just didn’t have the motivation to finish completely. NP was what I needed, and in the past six weeks, I’ve been able to finish both of the projects, and I’ll be launching them both in September. I honestly think that without NP, this wouldn’t be happening, at least not for a long time.


Thanks to this community for helping someone out. For helping someone find themselves and the motivation in her work, her fitness, her smiles. You guys rock. Onward DC.



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