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We missed you, and you, and you, and you. And just like the first day of school we will never have a year book picture for you come the end of the year for 2015. You can upload a selfie to the facebook group if you want.

But today was special for all kinds of reasons! 1 it was a wednesday, 2 the sun came up in Vancouver and no i am not making this up at exactly 6:29  making today extra special 3 we had 8 #traverbal’s come and crush it with us from places like… oh i don’t know just the newest tribes of Toronto and Seattle! How cool is that?

IMG_2871 IMG_2869 IMG_2868

We had one of our very talented and very active tribe members come and take some special pics for us today and we did some leap frog and yes those are bronze statues that we posed with… just check out the view!

But what makes today special for me is this. We as leaders get to hand out awards at the end of insane workouts. Workouts that have people moaning when you just say the word burpee, or pistol squat. Or you get people cheering and having so much fun when they hear the word Hoisty that they can make the old women in full tai-chi outfits try to do a Hoisty on their own (seriously that shit happened). But when you have to have an extra minute of deliberation because you can not decide who deserved the positivity award the most, and another minute to figure who deserves the Mountain Sexual award cause everyone and their dog were crushing the workout it makes all the feelings come out. I am so honoured and humbled to call these people my tribe and my family! But what makes it the most exciting is when you see how this little thing called The November Project affects others:



Heard at NP Vancouver Today:

“Hoisty Friend!!”
“Why ‘HOISTY’?” “That’s what they’re called. And we’re energetic in the morning and like to yell”
“I have another layer … just you wait”
“THAT’S why I put a ring on it!”
“RUN!!!” “RUNNING!!!”
“That’s a STANK FACE”
“That is not your new profile pic”
“Look at this scenery. How can you not be at peace?”

Rain or shine, have a beautiful day!

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