Old 96er

As soon as we got word about being able to use Commonwealth Stadium on Wednesday mornings, we started talking about what a workout would look like in there.  How much could we do?  How long would it take? Etc…  The Old 96er was of course one of the first thoughts as way of being the ultimate accomplishment in a single workout.  My thoughts have changed since then.  I think the ultimate accomplishment that our tribe has achieved is that we had so many people this morning get their ass out of bed and say, “Fuck it, I’ll give it a go.”.  This might sound all heart-warming and gushy but it is 100% true.  The tribe members that got their tag should be applauded and rightfully so, it is really fucking tough to do.  But my thoughts all day have returned to just how many people were there early and giving everything they had to go as far as they could.  Sure, we get faster and stronger at NP but maybe we undervalue just how much tougher we get in our brains and our belief in ourselves.  This shit is good, on so many different levels.  Make sure you all walk around today with the chin held high, shoulders back and a big fucking-rights grin on your face.  I applaud all of you.  AF

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