The Hundred

The Hundred
No, we are not talking about Ben Franklin or a new century, we are talking about the workout. Everyone did their typical morning routine of bouncing, running and hitting the stairs. And then the hundred happened….
The tribe spent the morning counting down from 100 by 10s doing jumping jacks, squats, crunches, and leg lifts. We think they enjoyed it, but not as much as the Superdome’s security guard that did some squats with Will.
But enough about the workout…let’s talk about Sibyl, the winner of the positivity award today. There were two reasons she received this award…yes she shows up, works hard, etc. but more importantly, she helped to increase Cameron’s blood alcohol level one Friday afternoon. We truly thank you for helping to bring out Ronnie, his alter-ego!
NP Summit: September 25-27…Be there or be square
Support the Ferret Street 5k…if you can run it, help out someone who can’t afford to run it! The link is below…
Friday will be at the Lakefront at Shelter 1 this week. Make sure to come watch the sunrise over the lake with us!
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