September PUSH (NYC)

First off, everyone should reach out and thank POW! for taking some amazing photos.  They are looking fresh.  But more on that later.

On PR Day we push hard.  Everyone is out there going for it all.  Sometimes we push each other.  Event better than that, we thank each other.  When I got to work, and went on social media, all I could see was the love.  TONS OF LOVE.

100% would have quit a lap early or stopped to “stretch my IT band” at some point if it wasn’t for you this AM. So thank you for being my run buddy for those last few.

Made it back. Sweated. Took the obligatory photo. Two more weeks of travel before a month of verbals. ‪#‎NP_NYC‬

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! You pushed me this morning and some how knocked the marathon season feeling back into me.  You Rock!

Ran for the first time after my surgery( for longer than 10 minutes on actual asphalt) talk about ‪#‎PRDay‬. Saw lovely Michaela Spannaus rocking it like always. Hugged some strangers. Feels great to be back. ‪#‎NP_NYC‬ ‪#‎YearbookPhoto‬ ‪#‎Traverbal‬

thanks for all the cheers out there today! and well done on the double.

Honestly, there is even more that I missed or wasn’t even posted somewhere for all to see.  Sometimes its those personal messages you text someone, or leave that voicemail about what that extra push today meant.  That is what makes November Project.  Reaching out and helping a stranger. But anyone who bounces, who sweats, and who hugs with us, they are no stranger.  They are the members of November Project NYC.

FRIDAY: 96th & 1st Ave.  Meet on the basketball courts.


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