Winter is Coming (YWG)

As mornings grow darker, seasons begin to change, and August rolls over in to September, I think its worthy to pause and reflect on what we have built as a community over the past year, but specifically this past summer since our 1 year in June. Its getting harder and harder to rope the group in every morning and keep everyone’s attention – not because of the group size or the trains going by the forks, but simply because each and every one of you is so excited to catch up with tribe members you saw just last week.  Sitting back and watching all the connections – true friendships – that have been formed either partly or directly because of early Wednesday mornings at the Forks is incredible.  I hear and see so many stories of people from NP going on adventures outside of Wednesday morning and nothing could make me happier than to continue to watch this community grow and develop.  The workouts will always be hard; we are going to make you sweat week in week out, thats our promise and that has been consistent since day 1.  But as the community keeps growing and strengthening, its those connections that have the biggest lasting effect and what I truly feel makes November Project different from every other workout group or fitness facility you will find.


Winter is coming, Ned. Its going to get cold.  Its going to be harder to get out of bed.  But I know everyone will remember smiling and laughing through the pain with each other all summer long and we will keep this community blasting right through the heart of winter without even noticing that we can’t feel our toes… This is Winnipeg and we are November Project.

Carrie with her sun-Halo
Carrie with her sun-Halo

One person that will definitely be missed in the next few weeks is Carrie.  She has earned her positivity award week in week out, both on Wednesday mornings with the tribe but also in all aspects have kicking ass and taking names at life in general.  We are so proud of you Carrie, and honored that you chose to continue your fitness journey with November Project.  Our hugs and smiles will be waiting patiently for your triumphant return!

Also notable from today: In the ultimate show of recruiting, a first timer, who already proved his badassery by making the drive in from Carman, MB, managed to convince a cyclist passing by to stop and join the leg tosses, and in doing so really one-upped the usual NP practice of shouting greetings at morning commuters.  So future commuters beware, we now expect you to put down the bike, loosen the tie, and join us!

Remember – yearbook photos next week. Wear your best #GrassrootsGear and bring your hollywood smile!

Peace, love, and watermelon.

Rick and Tom

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