*Ding* (LAX)

The typewriter. A forgotten instrument, one that forced you to type your prose with the greatest of care; you fuck that up you’re starting the whole page over, buddy. We gave new meaning to the typewriter today, incorporating it into our beloved stairs of the Hollywood Bowl. We started with a normal section of stairs, followed by a sprint to the other end of the bowl. This is the exposition. A taste of what’s to come.



Take on the next section of the stairs heading back to the left. This is your introduction. The stairs have really introduced themselves to you at this point, and at the end of section one is your first twist in the form of push up high fives. Bust those out, then reset that paper with another sprint across to the right.



Third section. This is when the story starts to really take its shape. Your feet moving up those stairs are as rhythmic as the clack clack of the keyboard. You’ve hit your stride and there’s no stopping these proverbial words from flowing. Reach the top left of the section, and bust out some tricep dips on a wall-sitting friend. They won’t mind. Reset sprint!!


We’re building to the climax. You may be feeling tired at this point, much like the hero of your favorite book struggles at one point or another. But they win out in the end, and so will you. The stairs melt away in front of you while that seemingly intimidating section is over with. You find another partner and bust out 10 hoistees. Reset one more time, for the grand finale.



The climax. The final run to the top. All of the work you just put in coming to fruition as you summit the top of the Hollywood Bowl. Considered the “cheap seats” by most, reaching this point is anything but cheap for us. It is the culmination to all of our physical prose being written on the concrete stairs. It is proof of your undying will to push through whatever challenges are thrown your way. Our hero has won today, and this novel has a happy ending. 


With the end of every story, of course, comes an epilogue. Nothing like 10 burpees at the top to make you feel nostalgic, right? And the best part about a good story ending is that there’s always bound to be another sequel. Head back down to the bottom, and start on book number two until the clock sounds.





FRIDAY – Meet at the TOP of the Baldwin Hill Steps (Location here), we kick off at 6:27 sharp so make sure you’re at the top before then!

YEARBOOK PHOTOS – We are taking yearbook photos on Wednesday, September 16th. If there’s a day to rock #GrassrootsGear, this is the one.

SEPTEMBER HOMEWORK – September is Plank month!! Start by planking for 1 minute every day, then start to increase that time every week. Keep on it!!

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