Stairs, Cards and Beating Baltimore (PHL)

Leadership is still coming off of its sweet, sweet high from the Summit in Madison this past weekend.  NP_MSN, led by Ted and Pat welcomed us with open arms and the city (willingly or unwillingly) embraced a couple hundred hooligans known as November Project.  However, getting back the City of Brotherly Love, the Art Museum and our Tribe was nothing short of amazing this AM.  Big thanks to Jamie and Jenna for looking after the children while we were gone!

If you were in Madison, today’s workout looked very similar to Friday’s MSN beat down at the Capitol. In fact, if you were in MSN, you can probably stop reading.  For those of you less familiar, we threw a few decks at the bottom of the stairs, ran the stairs and flipped cards at the bottom.  Face cards required finding a buddy, running up the steps and squat jumping to the Art Museum door, Aces required finding a buddy and sprinting the loop, all other cards were a standard push-up/squat deck workout followed by running the steps.  We also tagged one millon-and-a-half shirts (thank you to Beth for help with this).  Thanks to everyone who showed up and brought it this morning — for those of you who did make it out you were rewarded with hugs, infectious smiles and another beautiful sunrise over our city.

Today we also threw down the #3014 challenge.  In order to contribute to all NP tribes reaching 3014 people, NP_PHL needs to get 225 humans to the Art Museum steps for a Wednesday workout.  Because we are overachievers, can we please get 300?  This is your assignment, recruit that person who has always wanted to come; talk to a stranger in line at the coffee shop rocking Asics; ask your mother why she hasn’t #justshownup.  If we all bring 1 new person, we will be there in no time.  Get on it Philly and let’s do our part to reach our goal!

Lastly, for the first time (maybe ever) we have beat Baltimore in the race to posting photos and our blog.  Savor this Philly, as this victory happening again is about as likely as the Eagles winning the Super Bowl.

See you all at Franklin Field on Friday!

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