Sh Sh Sh Shake it off

Taylor Swift was excited to be at November Project this morning. We had a dog out-race everyone. Poor little guy ALMOST caught that helicopter! You keep trucking little pooch, keep trucking! Some people were so excited about November Project they started celebrating last night, but like rockstars, they kept their verbals strong. We discovered that the NP SD tribe can Bird-Man like champions. Everyone, some louder than others, got down n dirty with the true meaning of “HOISTIE!” And finally there’s nothing like public acts of camaraderie (and maybe a little bit of shaming) to ensure that you don’t slack off during your workouts – all for one and one for all! We’re like the Three Musketeers, times 20! But how awesome would it be if we were the Three Musketeers times 50! Yup, you heard me! 150 by Oct 23, 2014. So get out there tribe, rock some T-Swift, shake it off and get it on! #3014 is real, it’s happening, and YOU are a part of it!
Be Happy! Be Strong! Be BRIGHT SD!

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