Fire (Ants) On The Water

Wow, a lot has happened since last Wednesday.  It’s hard to even know where to start, so let’s just catch everyone up on the week that was.


Will, Cameron and Kate attended the #NPSummit in Madison, Wisconsin (Preston missed out with some weak ass excuse about a baby).  Leaders from all 16 November Project tribes converged on Madison for a weekend of meeting, bonding, racing everything, and a little twerking.  Flying in on Thursday/workout with the Madison tribe Friday morning/ meeting all day Friday with leaders from other tribes to see how to make to make this group even more badass/ race on Saturday morning/ celebrate Saturday night/ back home sunday.  Sprinkle in a lot of Hugs, quite a few drinks, and the rumor that 2 of the NPNO leaders went swimming Saturday night in freezing water….you can safely say it was an awesome trip.  Will and Cameron represented the Tribe well at the North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon Relay race on Saturday, finishing in the top 10 and proving that us flat landers can manage to navigate an incline larger than Monkey Hill when needed.


Bringing back a mind blowing amount of new knowledge, ideas, and esprit de corps the Tribe was in for a few new tricks this morning.


We were back to Audubon park for todays location.  We started off with a good bounce, followed by a strong warm up in honor of some of our distant friends.  Then we went on the move.  The tribe ran around the park to Monkey hill, stopping along the way to do a few Hoistees and then move on.  Upon arrival, tribe members ran over the hill (probably more of a bump to people in other cities, but this is Nola and it is flat…we take what we can get) completing burpees on either side of the hill.  Then the tribe moved to the riverfront for a tabata workout consisting of step ups, dips, and pushups with the mighty Mississippi as the backdrop.  A quick picture, a few fire ants, then a run back to the beginning with pack mules Preston and Will carting everyone’s water and keys in our sweet new Bailey Works bags.


All in all a great day and a wonderful group of people.  Big shout out to our Positivity Award winner Darin D. Darin consistently exemplifies the #justshowup and #recruiteveryone ethos.  Thanks Darin for being a great example of what makes our Tribe so strong!


Finally, we covered it this morning but we have a new challenge… Our goal across all of the November Project Tribes is to have #3014 tribe members working out on the same day before the end of 2014.  NP_NO intends to do our part, but we will need each of your help in the coming weeks as we continue to grow and bring new people into the Tribe.  If each of you can bring just one new person to a workout we, as a Tribe, will be better and will exceed our goal of having 120 members at a workout.  Start recruiting now and have fun!

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