Cinnabon 2.0 (MSP)

#NPSummit Rebound. This tribe spans the country. Thousands of people enjoy #FreeFitness every week with November Project. That gravity was proven this past weekend in Madison and Kettle Moraine at the #NPSummit. Hundreds of runners in November Project #GrassrootsGear poured in and took over the North Face Endurance Challenge. The winners podium read “November Project” at the end of the race.

This morning, we warmed up in honor of the rogue NovProject tribe of Korea. Our first movement of the morning was “high leg toe touches”. 10 reps… plenty!! Then a bounce, followed by a battlefield of Thumb-Wars.IMG_20140917_071003_712

Once we finally got to running, we made our way around Mill City on a quick warm-up lap that finished in Gold Medal Park, the sight of “Cinnabon Hill”. The Cinnabon Hill Workout takes runners around a spiral hill climb that overlooks the Mississippi River and Mill City. It takes MSP’s fastest runners roughly 45 seconds to climb at a sprint.


The coined Cinnabon Workout consists of 3 sets of 3 climbs. In each set, the first climb is 30 seconds up sprinting, then 45 seconds up, then all the way up to the top. The first herd to finish double back and encourage those finishing up until everyone reaches the top. After each set of 3 climbs, we hit a circuit of 4 different workouts. Today… box jumps, dips, planks, and horizontal mountain climbers (plant all four limbs on ground, and drive hands to knees as many times as possible). The first circuit: 30 seconds on each of the four workouts, Second: 45 seconds on the second set, Last: full minute of each. You feel like you’re climbing at altitude by the last set of mountain climbers.


Vibes were bumping. Positivity was awarded to Matt Clasen. You know your homework Matt! Spread the gospel. Post a picture with your #PositivityAward.

The tribe is strong. Record numbers today. The tribe is growing. The tribe is strong.



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