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It felt good to be back at it in 5280-ville this morning, sucking in the oxygen depleted air with all you fine folks. MSN was amazing, but my lungs were saturated and confused, so thanks for bringing an awesome energy this morning to come home to. A quick and effective NP_KOR warm up was key today in getting the blood to flow before sending the tribe into a stair/card workout that was not entirely replicated from, nor will be credited to the MSN tribe. After reading some other blogs and checking instagram, I’m left wondering, did every tribe do last Friday’s MSN workout? In positivity news, Josh Cooley took home the oar handle today, proving that large man beards really do make for the cuddliest armless bear hugs. When Josh Cooley (little Cooley) is not seen caressing tribes members faces with his man beard he can usually be found smiling and/or giggling. Get to know him, give him some hugs, touch his beard with your face.


General M

For those with poor attention spans:

FRI 615AM @ Congress Park: Free, Bouncy Workout  (8th and Josephine).  #recruitrecruitrecruit

FRI 6PM  Run To Happy Hour @ Governor’s Park Tavern: Meet at 6PM at Governor’s Park Tavern for a 3.5 mile run around Cheesman Park. Return to Tavern at 6:40PM for Happy Hour Specials. For more info see Gociety event.

But wait it’s not over yet. Remember all those announcements? Here’s where we talk about them:

NFEC UT relay: Being in Wisco with a huge, pumped up NP crew was way too much fun for adults to have. This race location is the closest race in the Northface Endurance Challenge Series to NP5280 and our best opportunity to show up with a big tribal presence.  Lieutenant Dan has a discount code if you are interested.

3,014 by 2015: Being surrounded by the leaders and members of the other 15 cities at NPSUMMIT was truly energizing. We want you to take a moment to put things in perspective: when you wake up for your workout here in DEN; DC and Philly are finishing theirs. And when DEN gathers for our group picture, SD and LAX are gathering for their bounce. This crazy fitness movement is so much bigger than Denver, its bigger than Boston, its bigger than SF. We are one giant, growing community #riseandshining for a common cause. We hope you know that you guys are part of something huge, something innovative, and something that is changing the way people think about fitness. So next week when you recruit someone and bring a friend to a workout, think about all your fellow tribe members across the continent that are doing their part to fuel the movement. So let’s help out our fellow cities and help push towards 3,014 by 2015. The higher the numbers, the bigger the energy, the warmer the bounce is in the dead of the winter. That being said, the last thing we want to do is sacrifice quality for quantity. Consistency is the key to community.

Recruit : TrackJenny is an amazing OLYMPIC runner, who just entered her off-season. This is a perfect opportunity for us to introduce her to the #FreeFitness movement. She lives in Boulder, so Kaitlin Pace can give her a ride to our workout. Tweet her, fangirl her, and politely pressure her to help grow our cause.

Attendance Tracker/Waiver: One way we’re going to help track our goal to 3,014 is with a new feature on the website that will allow you to have an NP login. Here you can confirm your attendance (this will be important when we do freebie/swag incentives in the near future) and a place to track your progress with PRs. Please go online and sign up! If you have questions about clicking off on the waiver, don’t hesitate to ask.



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