#PowerHalfHour (IND)

Five four…as in 54 beautiful and positive faces just showed up today. And some damn good huggers too! The #PowerHalfHour never disappoints. Major props to those who dominated the Beyoncé dance moves. I’m a little jealous. Do you give lessons?

The #PositivityAward today went to Pei, who doesn’t even live in Indy, yet he shows up week after week. Word in the street is an #NP_Pledge is happening in his hometown of Providence, RI. Mothership, confirm? #WorldTakeover


In case you haven’t heard, #NP_IND is in search of Co-Leader material. For details on what that means read here. We definitely need a dude to bring some testosterone to the table. The more the merrier, within reason.


RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT!! Use your #RecruitingPapers. How soon can #NP_IND hit 75 members? Bring one person with you each and every week. How soon can we hit 3,014 members at one Wednesday workout in 2014 across 16 NP tribes? #3014isreal

Next week is #RaceDay. Bring a watch to time yourself. No watch = no time recorded. Biggest negative split wins! This could be you.

Wednesday 6:15AM Indiana War Memorial North Stairs




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