Spirit fingers, quick arms, leg kicks…(YEG)

…and that was all just in the warm up!

Amazing morning shared with 151 Edmontonians! You kicked butt today as you raced the lower bowl for 30 minutes, interrupted only by my voice demanding a firedrill of “5 perfect pushups…not sure what my voice will sound like later on today but it was totally worth it.

Thank you for getting your ass out of bed this morning

Thank you for sharing your energy with the tribe

Thank you for bringing your friends, family, random strangers

Thank you for telling all of your peeps that they just need to try this thing they call November Project.

RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT! We challenge each and every tribe member (by the way…you’re a member as soon as you’ve shown up…so today’s newbies, this applies to you too!) to bring at least 1 new person to each workout…imagine what that would be like?! The goal is to have 3014 tribe members moving together across 16 cities before 2014 has wrapped up. Let’s do our part!

Congratulations PinkTightsDave Today’s Positivity Award Recipient! 

See everyone Friday morning – Emily Murphy Hill – 5:58 AM


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