Springtime in the City (DCA)

Your alarm went of this morning. (Did you press snooze? Maybe. That’s okay.) Your alarm went off a second time this morning. You opened the window. (Ha, no you didn’t). You opened your weather app. (That’s okay too.)

This morning would have been an easy morning to look at the weather… To look at the weather and think, no, no, NO that can’t be right. Rub your eyes. The digits have been switched. It’s 53 degrees out right? It would have been an easy morning to look at the weather, open the window and yell, “REALLY, DC? REALLY? I cleaned all of my cold weather clothes. They’re folded up. They’ve had their 15 minutes. It’s time for TANKS and TEES and headbands that show off my ears.”

BUT instead, you got your fine #weatherproof ass out of bed. You showed up. You made the workout what it was. If you weren’t there, whose eyes would we have stared into while we squatted? (Fucking normal sentence right there.)


If you weren’t at Lincoln this morning, would there have been someone who said, “Partner-plank four partners tall? YES PLEASE!”??


If you weren’t there, who would’ve raced out the last song, the last two minutes with us?


Those questions are so totally, completely irrelevant. Gibberish. Nonsensical. Pig-Latin. Because YOU WERE THERE. You showed up. And that’s what it’s all about. Come at us, DC SPRING.

Other things that happened this morning (but you were there so you already know):


DG’s trip to to DC forever changed us. We’ve been apexing to five ever since, and modified an apex to five this am because how long can you really go without jonesing for an apex to five? Probs not too long.

ZOë earned the #positivityaward and the Sun was like, “Hey yeah sure girl, I’ll make the s-rise mind blowing for you because you’re just THAT positive.”  If you haven’t ran with ZOë, everyone, do it. She’s stepping up the sun’s game.


MARCH 28th: #MarchOfThePenguins is happening. Solid details coming.

APRIL 3rd: #BeRebellious TedxFoggyBottom talk. Get your tickets now so we can FLOOD the place with #GrassrootsGear and community and sunshine (our positive girl is on it.)



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