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Today colored some perspective on what happens every Wednesday and Friday morning at November Project.  One of my favorite aspects of NP is the diversity.  For all the similarities we share (fitness oriented, social, motivated, accountable, etc.), we each have our own story.  I distinctly remember mentally noting this while working out at NP Boston and doing leg throws with a college student.  I learned he was at MIT and was actually taking time off from school to work on his startup.  “Am I working out with the next Steve Jobs,” I inquired to myself.  Still today— journalists, fathers, grandmothers, engineers, doctors, sales people, the list goes on.  Some of these people hail from Philadelphia, others from South Africa, California, Iowa.  It turns out the people we hug and sweat with have some pretty incredible stories.

Enter Sierra.  Sierra is a friend and committed Tribeswoman.  An accomplished D-I athlete at the University of Richmond, she is a constant source of positivity and support for the group.  Sometimes Sierra takes beautiful pictures of the Tribe, other times she’s sprinting Lemon Hill until she wants to throw up.  But always smiling and always encouraging.

Today we had the special occasion to celebrate a huge milestone with Sierra.  She has been cancer free for 5 years!  A remarkable fact that few people were aware of.  Sierra, thanks for making this community  better and stronger, you are a huge inspiration to us all.

Hug the people next to you strong. Learn something about them.  The tribe is strong.


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