We Missed You Section 1

Wednesday morning in Boston, Massachusetts.  November Project.

We start at section 37.  We can actually stand on the metal part at the bottom of the section.

We bounce, laugh, hug, “good morning,” and “Fuck Yeah!”

We run up the big seats and down the small crimson stairs alllllllllllllll the way around the beautiful horseshoe shaped concrete coliseum as we seek section 1.

For the sake of safety, today we hold off from running a “FULL” full tour, skipping eight sections that are still suffering from ice on the stairs going down. But a shit ton of us crush big numbers of sections. 

If you make your way around to section 1, you repeat from 1 up as high as you can go until the time cut off.  40 minutes gives us plenty of time to feel the burn, remember the pain of the stairs, and to get hot, hot, HOT, even in the cold, windy morning.

We meet where we began, hug some more, celebrate birthdays, and honor “alleged” NP founder by picking our noses for the group photo.

We decide this shit is good.  We appreciate how it makes our day, lives, and selves better.  We come back again. And again. And again.

530 group photo 630 group photo

Things you really want to know because you’ll regret not knowing, even if you don’t care.


Next Wednesday is: PR day.  Get ready to race 37 sections as fast as you are humanly possible.  If you are inhuman (robotic, bionic, alien, cyborg, Serbian) you are welcome to race also.  NP is very inclusive. #RaceEverything

Next Wednesday is also: #GrassrootsGear tagging.  Bring your shit.  Put it in the bleachers.  Respect the #PaintCrew. Black paint only.

If you want to help with The Last Wednesday of the Month Shenanigans for 5:30 group/6:30 group or both, please message me (Emily aka “middle E” of #DEE) so we can assemble the crew.

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