SPRINGing Forward (DC)

Daylight savings took away our classic @Matt_Anzur photos, but its a solid reminder that the photos are an added bonus to the workout, the smiles, and leg rubs we love. Instead of yapping about the workout and the amount of stairs we did, instead want to give out recognitions to people who continue to be unreal cool and fire me up.

Lucy – She is 12. Had an algebra exam today.
Chris CanofSpaghetti – Ran a 50 k on Sunday, raced it all out today while continuing to bring unreal vibes to the tribe.
Corwin – He is 16. He is in differential equations as a junior in high school. Kid is bright beyond years.
RWBs – This is an awesome group of humans. Their mission is to get veterans into motion with one another. Its always great to get these guys a little bit of their comfort zone with a hips in hug. They’re all inspiring.
Amanda HBO – Chick brings all of GMU to the workouts, when she’s out of town, none of them show.
Cristina & Laura Drake – Running marathons on Saturday. Both ask me today, “is the Friday workout cool for tapering?”
Katie Corradini – Did a double today. Fast beyond belief.
Samantha Bilotta – Today’s #PositivityAward. Could give this to her every week, unreal human, unreal friend, unreal smile.
Everyone else for making friends, dropping fuck yeahs, and getting DC a little more homier with every homie we make.


….and now back to my usual self.

HYPE THIS. #ARCADEMOTORCADE. 200, 300 people turning the mall into our Tribes motorcade. Announcements on this:
—If you plan on being a COP, BRING A WHITE TSHIRT ASAP.

Save the Date: #ArcadeMotorcade (DCA)

Friday, we’re here:
Maine Lobsterman Memorial

Love: Always.

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